Peregrine Academics has just become Peregrine Global offering lot more relevant and upgraded educational services to the 45 plus countries worldwide. The instant cases suite  acquired in 2016 from the Bloomberg Businessweek is now part of the Peregrine Education Resource center which promises an ever increasing array of educational  offerings.   

Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, New Delhi  is pleased to bring to your attention a stellar opportunity to test the learning outcomes  of the courses being taught at your campus. The online exam services are designed to satisfy the AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE accreditation requirements related to learning outcomes assessment, quality assurance, and external academic benchmarking.

The test scores also can be used for the  accreditation systems of EFMD, AMBA  and SAQS and even for the local accreditation systems like National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and National Accreditation & Assessment Council (NAAC) to gauging the student performance consistently over a designated period.  There bare basically three tests in-bound, mid-point and out-bound. In practical terms in-bound  & out-bound tests  would service for gathering adequate data points for accreditation purposes. 

Welcome to the Peregrine Leadership Institute, your thought-partner in individual and organizational leadership development. 

Our approach to leadership and team development is:

  • A strategic investment in your organization.

  • Outcomes-based with measurable ROI.

  • Goal-oriented with customized solutions aligned with your mission, vision, and values.

  • Designed to establish a culture of excellence and continuous improvement centered on core values.

  • Aimed to support a diverse workplace with global perspectives.

Peregrine's solutions for leadership development will improve employee retention and morale, stimulate productivity, improve workplace safety, and enhance team effectiveness. 

Let the Peregrine Leadership Institute be your partner in Growing Leaders and Creating Success! (more)

The Educational Resource center's offerings of Bloomberg Businessweek's short cases suits and  its career & certification  modules  and the online exams are   used in the classroom to provide contemporary business news and information for higher education. The Resource Center website offers a unique research library to the schools for business news and events. The program also includes a faculty advisory board that produces the weekly reviews and quizzes for the B-School Connection.  (more)

Peregrine has offered some of its premium services free of cost for the whole of 2020 to help the cause against the Pandemic

Extend your professional development with this free webinar series. Choose from a variety of topics that support the development of value-based leaders and help higher education professionals enhance quality of education. (MORE)

Peregrine Global Services, which includes Peregrine Academic Services, Peregrine Leadership Institute, Peregrine Pathways, and Peregrine Global Foundation, is committed to remaining operational in support of the  clients and customers.

Peregrine recognizes the need for innovative, online solutions for education and training that can be delivered quickly to students and employees at no cost to the academic institution and employer. With this spirit ,  the following services are being made  available at no cost through the remainder of 2020 to all who are in need of quality, online materials that can be readily applied towards most academic and employment situations.

  • Business School Resource Center (BSRC): an online library of news articles and weekly lesson plans that can be used in any classroom to support many academic disciplines.

  • Leadership Development Books. There are  four books, Leadership Foundations, Leadership Essentials, Hiring, and Leading Organizations, that are available in PDF format for both students and employees to develop applied leadership skills and competencies.

  • Leadership Booklets. Two booklets, the Leader’s Guide and the Senior Leader Toolbox, are available in PDF format for anyone needing actionable leadership tools and techniques.

Please contact us at to obtain these no-cost resources for your organization. If you are a current client or partner with Peregrine Global Services, please contact the Client Services Manager for further assistance .

Please mail us for details for conducting the Peregrine online  test at your campus 

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