9th Annual International Accreditation Conference 2016

 November 14 & 15, 2016 at India International Centre,  New Delhi 

The just concluded  9th International Accreditation conference had as many as seven accreditation agencies presenting their  processes and answering queries. The line up included AACSB International, EFMD, ACBSP, IACBE, AMBA, SAQS and ATHEA. 

Peregrine  Academics as our academic partner company had made a strong pitch for student learning outcome assessment  exams besides offering the Bloomberg Businessweek Bschool connection service to Indian students.  Besides there  was also a strong presentation on Explore Your Potential   EYP, a career building tool. 

There were ample experience sharing presentations at the conference  with ACBSP bagging nearly five experience presentations while AACSB had IMT Ghaziabad sharing their experience, AMBA had MDI sharing their experience,  Acharya AIMS sharing their experience during the IACBE presentation and so on. 

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8th IAC 2015
8th International Accreditation Conference was held in New Delhi on November 16 & 17 at India International Centre.
Lamp lighting
IAC 2015 in progress
Opening remarks Thothathri Raman
Amy Memon AACSB & Nishit Jain  EFMD
Amy Memon AACSB
Mark Stoddard AMBA
Jeff Alderman  & Mark Stoddard
Pavan Chaudary & Vinay Pasricha
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IAC 2015 in progress