In 2008 SEAA Trust, New Delhi started with a mission that schools should self-regulate with international benchmarks of quality. We found that independent peer reviewed   International accreditation standards were the way to go to achieve this goal. 

The mission driven accreditation process ensures that each institution  retains its own special flavor while learning from its peer and also imparting its own  best practice to its peer. It is a win win for all. 

We planned for a  100 strong  internationally accredited schools   community that would make India a strong  B-school hub by way of global quality. This would help open:

a. Overseas student admissions

b. opportunity for the Indian faculty to mentor overseas  campuses

c. Learn from across the globe the best practices to upgrade quality on a continuous sustained basis. 

d. Become world-class  institutions for being featured in some of the best global rankings.   



In the next five years almost every industry would be  going  digital & the education  world itself would be one of the first. But education institutions also have the responsibility to prepare leaders who would  manage the future industries which are fundamentally changing. SEAA would be actively involved in advocating  to the campuses the way forward for digital transformation  


There are close to 3500 B-schools in India of varying quality and a small percentage of these are accredited by the State sponsored NAAC and NBA two accreditation agencies of India.  Globally accredited schools are around 80 now.  Another 50 to 60  schools are currently processing their application and we are confident that within the next  one year, many of these would be completing their accreditation . 

The Ongoing campaign is to see at least 100 schools achieve the target of being accredited schools by any of the five accreditation agencies.  As  at the end of October 2020, our expected numbers have not been reached, even though there are indications of the century mark being topped within a year as many schools are  are at the last leg of their accreditation process, not withstanding the delays caused by the global Pandemic Covid 19 


The campaign began in 2008 at our First International Accreditation Conference and ran till 2015 and we achieved the target of getting 100 Business schools to start out on their accreditation process, some of whom also had received their accreditation by then. The Accreditation agencies that we covered were AACSB, EFMD-EQUIS, AMBA, ACBSP & IACBE