We of course, started with business education and stuck with it for the past over a decade bringing in transformative changes in the market that we operate in which is characterized by one of the largest cluster of business schools in the world and also growing at a rapid pace.
Indian market for business education is today over 4000 schools strong and is growing relentlessly even though consolidation has taken its toll and nixed around 12 to 15 per cent of the schools purely based on quality issues by the government regulator. 

SEAA Trust, New Delhi steps into the 13th year of its activity marked by the launch of its 13th annual international accreditation virtual  conference held for three days between November 5-7, 2020.

Accreditation is not an easy business, it is time consuming, it involves tremendous amount of people's time and it is also expensive costing anything between the annual tuition fees of ten to 20 students would have paid to the school annually. Our updated Handbook on International Accreditation on its 11th  edition  provides all the necessary insights into the  task ahead. 

Accreditation also brings massive changes to the way of working of school, the reporting systems, the admission, student engagement and faculty engagement systems and the institutional working. After all, the very idea of accreditation is to voluntary adopt change with the help of peer experts who are brought along while the accreditation is in progress.

Standards for Educational Advancement & Accreditation (SEAA) Trust, New Delhi had consciously from the beginning in October 2008 kept as its credo to support self-regulation benchmarking with the best in their class by any higher education institution

The Handbook is an attempt  to update the changes that are being made by the Accreditation agencies in the previous conceivable barrier. But  this is no  guarantee  that  all the updates have been covered. Our  suggestion is  please look at the  images below for each agency and follow the link to the Business Accreditation pages of the respective agencies to get the latest update.