Yes it is all about scamming to make a quick buck using quality benchmarks of accreditation  riding on credible accreditation systems of worth.  Gullible  schools keen on riding the bandwagon of "global quality" and International accreditation become easy target for these scamsters who  print and provide extremely glossy  display certificates  for a fraction of the cost to get an international accreditation certification 


Be  aware that like in most  sectors, even in International Accreditation there are different players  answering different sets of quality and utility.  You will appreciate that accreditation is  a process  and  it should grow the school  from point A to point B  before the school is recognised and certified as being accredited by the mentoring institution. The process is carried out through strict supervision from external faculty mentor backed by a peer  team of experts  drawn from around the world.  The peer visit also happens  at the end of the  accreditation cycle which may  happen between two to seven year period depending upon the accreditation agency processes you choose and also your own state of preparedness to seek accreditation. 

Given all the above any accreditation system  promising to give accreditation on a single inspection  based on the data you supply  amounts to nothing more than Ranking and Rating by media at best.  Besides the accrediting agency has to be first validated and recognised by a neutral or government authority which is not the case with the accreditation system you cited.  Please look up the CHEA  link in USA for hotlisted  accreditation agency for your information. 


Please read this link for details on such accreditation bodies which are called accreditation mills 


You can also the status of  any accreditation agency of doubtful standing in the following link


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